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In most cases, orders under $100.00 are sent via United States Postal Service.

Packages weighing over 13 oz go Priority Mail.

Minimum Mailing Charge is $2.00.

In most cases, orders over $100 are sent via UPS.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to adjust our UPS quoted charges to reflect UPS's rates, which are affected by fuel surcharges, package weight, value, size and final destination.

Charges are as follows:
$100.01 -- $135.00 $15.50
$135.01 -- $200 $16.75
$200.01 -- $300 $15.20
$300.01 -- $400 $19.75
$400.01 -- $500 $21.00
Oversized Packages $10.00 extra
Overseas Packages Custom quoted

Rates outside of the continental United States, including Alaska and Hawaii vary, per USPS published rates. Per US Postal Regulations and Federal Laws, we mark customs labels with actual US dollar value paid for contents unless the package is indeed a gift sent to a separate shipping address. Your package can be confiscated if it doesn't meet postal and customs standards, so we work very hard to abide by all postal rules and regulations.

We normally ship packages destined outside the US daily via the US Postal Service, attaching the necessary customs forms. Unfortunately, the US government will not track or insure foreign delivery services... so we cannot insure your packages, or guarantee that Customs will not lose anything! (It does happen, but only once-in-a-blue-moon!) Particularly since 911, many packages are now being opened for inspection.

We can ship orders "Global Priority" in some cases, but usually regular "Air-Mail" is our best, and most economical option.

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